The Consortium


The consortium consists of two universities, one technological research institute, one SME and three established companies brings together expertise from all the disciplines needed within this inter-disciplinary project, spanning from theoretical quantum chemical simulations to construction of reactors and convertors, and isolation of ammonia for fuel application. Together, creating a complete consortium providing all the necessary expertise and facilities for pursuing this project.

University of Iceland (Iceland, Prof. Skúlason) has extensive experience in leading large research projects. Prof. Skúlason has been heavily involved in applying density functional theory (DFT) simulations in the field of nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) in the last decade, publishing high impact articles on catalyst screening and understanding using DFT as well as having three published patents in the field.

RWTHRHEINISCH-WESTFAELISCHE TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE AACHEN (Germany, Prof. Wessling and Prof. Mitsos). Prof. Wessling’s group is recognized for its work in highly efficient gas diffusion electrodes, already demonstrated in use for NRR. Prof. Mitsos group is furthermore at the forefront of process modelling, developing methods for intermittent processes.

Atmonia (Iceland, Dr. Flosadóttir) was founded in 2016, focusing on catalyst development for electrochemical synthesis of ammonia at ambient conditions using aqueous electrolytes. They have developed a methodology beyond the state of the art for in situ analysis of electrochemical NRR. They have also constructed a significant business network essential to scaling up, prototyping, and bringing the VERGE technology to market, after the project has been successfully executed.

VITOVLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK N.V. (Belgium, Dr. Birdja) has extensive experience in design of electrochemical cells and membranes. The Flemish tech transfer institute has a significant focus on sustainable electrochemical processes, with the goal to support and enhance European innovation base towards a sustainable future.

MSBMS BALTI TRAFO OU (Estonia, Mr. Luberg) are leaders in transformer and coil products, with a collaborative strategy from idea to market. As a future participant in the VERGE value-chain, the first development of a novel converter for intermittent operation, fits well within their goals to be a part of the sustainable future.

ECOECOVIBES (Greece, Mr. Valtsis) are environmental consultants with specific experience in the chemical process regime and regulation network. They have an extensive experience in chemical process analysis, making them the optimal partner for analysing a novel process during the development, assisting decision making processes to ensure a sustainable process.



TEGA (Germany, Dr. Wendt is a leading company in gas handling, their capabilities in developing a system for separating and liquifying NH3 from the process outlet are undisputed.