Project overview


Figure: The VERGE vision: Renewable electricity will be utilised to produce anhydrous ammonia through an electrochemical process using nitrogen from air and water as the only raw materials. 

The VERGE project will create knowledge and scientific proof of its technical feasibility as well as lay the basis for economical, sociological, and environmental optimisation of the process. Frequent communication with stakeholders allows the VERGE project to develop a clear vision towards optimisation, scale-up and market entry as well as further enhancing the EU innovation base in the field of electrochemical processes.  

The VERGE project is part of the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, that supports research dealing with Europe’s greatest current challenges e.g., energy and climate changes. 

VERGE is structured to run for 36 months.  The project builds on 8 distinct work packages which interlink and share materials, data and results. As demonstrated in the Pert diagram below the tasks of WP1, WP2 and WP3 involve significant interaction and iteration between the WPs. The results of those feed into WP4 and WP5 that complete the development of the VERGE holistic vision of sustainable, distributed, and intermittent production of liquid ammonia. WP6, WP7 and WP8 are cross cutting, involving all participants. There is a balance of efforts across the WPs and they are led by experienced leaders and co-leaders to ensure successful management of time and resources. There is a dedicated work package (WP8) for Project Management lead by the University of Iceland (Prof. Skúlason) and co-lead by ATM (Dr. Flosadóttir) with strong support through a project manager (the VERGE-PM).